6 Ways to Beat the Monday Blues

I am the queen of the ‘Monday Blues’. It usually sets in about 6 pm Sunday night and works its way into my Monday morning. It’s the end of the weekend, back to reality, back to work, back to obligations and responsibilities, and LIFE- it sucks! But I’ve found, with a little effort, there are some ways to fight that looming Monday rain cloud. Here they are, I will practice these today and I hope you do too!

  1. Turn up the Tunes– whether you’re spending your Monday in the car, on a plane, cleaning house, sitting at a desk- pop your earphones in, turn on your radio, iPod or iPhone and turn up the tunes. Listen to something upbeat. Even if you’re not in the mood, you’ll be surprised how it changes your mood, even just the slightest improvement helps.
  2. Set an Intention– set an intention for the day. For example, ‘today I will remain positive, no matter what’ or ‘today I will look at everything with an open mind’. It sounds silly but sometimes just making the point to set an intention and following up with a conscious effort makes all the difference and will show amazing results in your day.
  3. Be Conscious of What You’re Saying– just like setting an intention, make a conscious effort to watch what comes out of your mouth, refrain from using negative language like ‘I don’t want to go to work’, ‘I’m so tired’, ‘today sucks’. Easier said than done, I KNOW. But a little effort goes a long way. We all know that language and thoughts are heavily correlated with feelings and action, if you change your language, you will see subsequent changes in your thoughts, feelings and actions.
  4. Drink Something– drink some water with lemon, heat up some water and drop in a green tea bag, drink something that will hydrate your body. If you’re like me, you might enjoy some cocktails over the weekend and we all know what that Monday morning post-weekend feeling is like on the bod. So drink up!
  5. Eat Something Healthy– I know it’s so easy to grab a greasy breakfast burrito to curb your out-of-control appetite, but don’t give in! If you need something filling, grab a bagel with hummus, or a bowl of high protein oatmeal, it’ll fill you up but it won’t slow you down or put you to sleep.
  6. Get Outside– if at all possible, get outside at some point. Go sit on your back porch, go take a walk outside around your office on your lunch break, take your dog for a walk, water your garden..etc. Anything that will get you outside and in the sun will help with some of the Monday blues symptoms. Take some deep breaths of fresh air and look around and give thanks for your surroundings, whatever they may be.

These sound like simple, silly tips in achieving some sort of end-of-the-weekend happiness, but give them a try and I think you will find that they do indeed  bring a little light into your day. Good luck!

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