12 Routines that Will Bring More Joy to Your Weekends


A Day in the Life of the Professional Weekender

Do you ever find that your weekends are just as chaotic as your weeks or oppositely, do you struggle with accomplishing any sort of task on the weekend? Does it feel like you either have way too much to accomplish or are lacking energy to do ANYTHING AT ALL? Whatever the struggle may be, the below reference list should be kept on your fridge for the Friday through Sunday “break” we are granted weekly. For those who work on the weekends, IF you have a day or two to yourself, this list applies to you as well!

This is a list of routines that are often forgotten about or sometimes taken for granted during our weekends, it’s nothing you haven’t heard before, so let it serve as a reminder! Take this list and try and incorporate one or two points into your weekend. It’s only a couple of days per week, let’s try and pack some joy into them and make ’em count.

  1. Quiet time– take a few moments to yourself. However you can make it work, just do it. Whether it’s at midnight Friday night, lunch time on Saturday when everyone is out and about, early Sunday morning, whenever! Take a few moments to reflect on your life, think about your past week, did it go well? Are you unhappy about it? Just take a moment to look within and see how you’re feeling about your life right now. You’d be surprised how little we do this and how vital it is to our well-being.
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  2. Outdoor activity– Get outside and do something, anything! Water your plants, Hose off your porch, go on a walk, do a yoga practice on your back lawn or in a local park, take a bike ride, anything to get outside, get some vitamin D and be in nature.FullSizeRender (5)
  3. Have friends or family over for a meal – IF you’re up for it, invite a friend over, or invite your family over. Prepare a meal for them and enjoy their company. It’s easy to spend your weekend on your couch being lazy (which should probably be on this list as well), sometimes it feels good to play host or hostess, cook something you’ve never cooked before, spend some time visiting with someone you love. You’ll be glad you did it.
  4. Spend a little time planning for the week ahead– sit down with a pen and paper and start making some lists. Think about the craziness that might ensue once Monday rolls around and jot down all of the to do’s that go along with it. This may sound like a downer but it’s good to plan sometimes, you can take a crazy chaotic week, and put some structure to it. It may save you some major headaches. It also helps writing things down to alleviate some of the chattering that happens in our brains about all of the obligations, priorities and to dos that we allow to pile up on ourselves. write it all down, make a plan and move on to something fun.
  5. Say a prayer of gratitude – take a quick moment whenever you think of it to say a prayer of thanks and gratitude. Thank god, the universe, Mother Nature or whoever you pray to- for the wonderful things in your life. Even if things suck, give thanks for the ability to hope. If you’re stressed about work or a relationship, give thanks for your ability to care. There is always something to be thankful for, sometimes it just takes a little effort to recognize and actively be grateful.
  6. Look toward the week with excitement and gratitude rather than dread– again- have gratitude for your week ahead. Be grateful that you are alive and have a future. Even if you’re not looking forward to the week, be thankful you have ANYTHING in front of you.


  1. Journal – take some time to write down your thoughts, this can go hand in hand with your quiet time. The idea is to look inside and ask yourself how you’re doing, recognize how you’re feeling and reflect upon it. Take it all in and jot down your feelings, good or bad.  
  1.  Pamper yourself – IF time and budget permit, go get a massage, go get a pedicure, or trade massages with your partner, take a bath, give yourself a facial, do something nice for your physical body. It will feel good and will revitalize you. Take care of yourself.
  1. Try something new – venture outside of your comfort zone. Take a class on something you know nothing about, try a sport you’ve never played, eat a meal outside of your culture that you’ve never tried. Trying new things is liberating, even if it’s as small as eating Thai food for the first time; you’re doing something you’ve never done. Sometimes we don’t realize how much fear exists in the unknown or outside of our comfort zone, it’s easy to stay in our safe place and never venture out. I encourage you to step out and try something new, experience the liberation and the knowing that your fears are unwarranted.
  1. Start a weekend club- book club, yoga club, meditation club, cooking club, any club! It’s so great to get like-minded people together and do something that’s good for you. Whether it’s stimulating your intellect, body or pallet, it’s a fun, communal experience.

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  1. Support your local businesses– local festivals, farmers markets, visit your local library and pick out a new book, visit your local bakery and get something for dessert. Do anything that supports your local, “mom and pop” businesses. Everything you do has a sociological and sometimes economic impact- use that information as incentive to go contribute some much needed funds to a local business that may be struggling and enjoy their product, whatever that may be.
  1. Do something for someone else– volunteer some of your time and energy to help someone else. Visit your local homeless shelter, church, food pantry, library or museum- offer some of your time to help them, even if it’s flipping pancakes at a shelter, transporting Canned goods to your local food pantry, organizing books at the small library around the corner, do anything that helps another human or small business (see #11). It may not seem like much, but an hour or two of your weekend dedicated to volunteering truly makes an impact.

Go into your weekend and pick two of these items to incorporate. Even if your schedule is JAM PACKED, pick two and force yourself to work them into your schedule. Don’t neglect your physical body or your spirit, this is all we have at the end of the day and in order to function at our highest self, we have to actively work to restore and nurture.

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