The Power of Crystal Healing: Five Crystals to Keep On-Hand

A Day in the Life of a Crystal Healing Practitioner 
Crystal healing seems to be all the rage right now. You see them on Pinterest, Instagram, noteworthy yogis are incorporating them into their practice (if they haven’t already), more and more yogis are wearing these powerful tools around their necks, Jewelry shops have doubled their inventory and moved their crystal jewelry to the front counter, you get the point, crystals are IN!
The irony in the hype stands in the fact that the healing properties of crystals have been used for thousands of years. Ancient Egyptians, Greeks and Chinese were said to use crystals for their powerful healing facets thousands and thousands of years ago. This isn’t a trend, this is a miraculous and proven method of healing that has and will stand the evolving generations to come.
There is great doubt among the general public that crystals radiate healing powers, some roll their eyes, some joke about witchcraft and many refer to their use and power as a pseudoscience, a mere placebo effect. The scientific community takes for granted the heavy spiritual, unseen and immeasurable  influence in crystal healing.
The structure of crystal is said to have a strong vibratory connection with the human body due to its frequency.
When the human body faces various illness or incapacity, the cellular vibration of the body is hindered and can be unobstructed with the use of various crystals due to their “resonance effect”. We learn a lot about resonance in Physics. This is the phenomenon you see when an earthquake or dangerously strong winds make a road or bridge move – oscillating at the same frequency or close to the same frequency as the energy moving it.
The spiritual aspect of the crystal healing comes into play with the intent of the person using the crystals. Just as you set an intention for the day, letting your thoughts affect your actions, thus affecting your subsequent thoughts and experiences, the intention here is huge, and REAL. 
Crystal controversy aside, what you believe is up to you. Do what works for you.With the right intention, you’d be very surprised by how helpful a crystal on-hand can be. Here are 5 crystals that every yogi should have and use!
Rose Quartz: Rose quartz is symbolic of love. It represents unconditional love of all things. This crystal stands with great importance due to its connection to such a strong emotion, as we all know, “love conquers all”, and “love is all we need”. This is a great crystal to have/use always. You cannot go wrong with this one. I personally recommend this crystal for times that you feel down in the dumps, angry or are afraid, let the healing power of this crystal resonate with you, use a love mantra and hold it to your heart chakra, close your eyes and breathe in the feeling of unconditional love.
Amethyst: This is a very soothing, calming crystal. This is great for those stressful days that make their way into our lives and interrupt the serenity we try so fiercely to foster. Know that you are going to have a stressful day at work? Feeling overwhelmed or frustrated by something or someone? Put this crystal on a chain around your neck, or slip it into your pocket. Visualize the idea of having that crystal with you and meditate on what it stands for. Your intention and the calming, soothing power of this crystal will help you through whatever you’re dealing with. This is also a great one to put under your pillow if you’re having nightmares or issues sleeping. It will act as a calming agent under your pillow, paired with your intention.
Aventurine: This is the crystal of luck, prosperity and good fortune. This is the crystal you carry with you to a job interview, to a meeting you’re nervous about. This is a crystal you use anytime you feel that you are feeling unlucky, unsuccessful or even if you just need a little luck in your life in another area.
Crystal (Clear Quartz): This crystal represents purity and clarity. This is a great one to pair with another crystal to enhance the healing properties. This crystal can be used when you are working through an issue and need more clarity, or if you are confused, feeling unsure or have a sense of impurity.
Tiger’s Eye: This is a great little crystal, it is the manifestation of strength, power and courage. This is a great crystal to have with you when you are feeling unsafe, weak or powerless. Whenever you start feeling powerless in a situation, take this with you and use the mantra “I am strong”, let the intention of strength and the healing power of the Tiger’s Eye do the rest.
The popularity of crystals is no coincidence. The existence of controversy tells us that something is happening, a discussion is being had and further thought is going into the use and practice of these healing properties. Challenge yourself and your belief systems, give these a try, set the right intention and go from there. You will find delight in the fact that you have the power within you to transform your thoughts, your feelings and your outcomes, and the crystals act as an aid in this process.
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