4 Powerful Mantras to Use Daily

A Day in the Life of a Mantra Master

Mantras can be a wonderful tool, to use in your yoga or meditation practice or simply to use as you go throughout the day. You can speak them or think them and put the power of your mind and intention to great use. There are several mantras you can make use of, some of them derived from the Sanskrit language that originated in ancient Indian culture and some of them in the English language.

There are also many mantras that you can speak to yourself internally. When chanting or speaking mantras, you emit a vibrational energy that resonates with the natural vibration of the human body. By releasing that vibration, you can modify (hopefully raise) the vibrational frequency within which you are currently functioning. Oppositely, you can also see profound results in mood change from a simple internal mantra repeating. Sound confusing? IT’S NOT! Let me show you.

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This is one of the most powerful mantras you can use. You may notice that a lot of yoga teachers utilize this mantra to begin or end a yoga practice and many meditation masters incorporate this into their practice as well. “OM” is said to be the manifestation of all facets of life, connecting the spiritual self to the physical self. It is said to be the spiritual sound of creation, holding all of life within it- the physical and the divine.  This is a mantra you speak aloud, rather than internally. The sound is sacred and holds much power in its vibration. When you chant this mantra, you may notice a vibration from the crown chakra all the way down to your root chakra. This mantra is used in several different religions, Hinduism, Buddhism, Sikhism, among others. Give this one a try when beginning or ending your yoga or meditation practice, it preps the mind, body and spirit for what you are about to do or what you have just done. It is key in connecting to your higher, divine self.


“Shanti Shanti Shanti”
Simply put, this mantra means “peace, peace peace”. It envelopes the meanings and feelings of peace. This is great mantra to repeat to yourself when you are feeling chaos or stress in your day. This is one that is better spoken aloud, like “OM”. In a yoga class I used to take in Nashville, one of the instructors would repeat this at the end of each practice. It was such a nice way to bring the practice to an end. It speaks peace into your day and your life.

“I Am Peace”
This is a simple mantra in English. It echoes similar sentiments as “shanti shanti shanti” does. Dr. Wayne Dyer teaches in his book Wishes Fulfilled that when using “I AM” we are evoking the God-like, divine part of ourselves. Through the use of I AM, we are taught the phenomenon of choosing to assume the feeling of the wish fulfilled. He encourages us to experience the feelings of accomplishment before you even accomplish, to experience the feeling of success before you succeed. Simply put, use the mantra “I am” and then add whatever you wish to feel at the end of the statement (eg. I am peace, I am love, I am serenity). In this case, when you repeat the mantra to yourself, “I am peace”, feel peace in your body and mind, force the feeling upon yourself. This is a great tool to trick the subconscious mind into actually physically and mentally experiencing peace. This is something you can repeat internally when feeling down in the dumps or stressed out. Breathe in on “I Am”, and exhale on “Peace”. You will be amazed at the results.

“All is well”
This is another simple English mantra. While being simple, it certainly holds a lot of power. This is a great mantra to repeat to yourself when you are feeling overwhelmed or a sense of anxiousness. We spend much of our time feeling down about the past and worried or anxious about the future, we fail to live in the present moment and spend most of our time in a whirlwind of negative emotions. For most of us, the lucky ones, our problems are not as awful as our mind likes to tell us they are. Sometimes, it is good, if not necessary, to give yourself a reality check and reassure yourself that “All is Well”. We live in an illusory world, our problems and stresses are a byproduct of the facade. Tell yourself that everything is okay, all is well, because most of the time, it really is.


I urge you to practice these, whether you’re sitting on your couch, in a stressful meeting, on your way to work, having a fight with a loved one… anytime you need them, they’re there. Next time you begin your meditation practice, open with a meaningful “OM”, or next time you are are experiencing stress and feelings of negativity, repeat “I Am Peace” to yourself, or say it outloud. You will be amazed at what power these mantras hold and what positive changes they can bring to your daily life.


Further Reading:
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