5 Books You NEED TO Read Before Summer Ends

A Day in the Life of a Book Worm

It’s amazing the change in perspective that can occur after devoting yourself to a book, a book can serve as a comfort, an instructor and as a major catalyst for positive change in your life. Below is a book line up you NEED to invest in. Get to your second hand bookstore or amazon and purchase these books, they’ll leave an imprint you never knew was possible. Each book stands alone in importance, however, they all facilitate a shift in perspective, changing the way you look at life and remind you that life is a journey that can be lived and experienced with peace and ease.

These are perfect for the remaining sunny summer days, poolside, by the camp fire, in the hammock or just relaxing on your couch. You’ll experience happiness, sadness, confusion and intrigue but you’ll be left with a sense that all is always right in the world and that we have the ability to be at peace with the right tools. This is your summer reading list; this is your key to a summer of inspiration and positive change.

The Wisdom of Yoga by Stephen Cope– this book delves into the roots of yoga, the origins and the theories behind the physical movements. It’s a thorough education of reasons why people have been doing yoga for centuries and how it helps us evolve, become better human beings and live happy lives. While also providing an education, the author gives us personal back stories of some of his friends and students (he’s an instructor and practitioner). It’s a beautiful representation of different personalities and how yoga has affected each yogi, in different ways. The author is a definitive intellectual but a master spiritualist who explores the meaning of yoga and the impact it has on the human being. This is a must read. It’ll make you want to jump on your mat immediately, however, it also emphasizes that yoga happens off of the mat more than we know.

The Power of Now by Echkart Tolle– this book will rock your foundation; it takes an explorative look at the subconscious mind, human tendencies and consciousness as a whole. Eckhart Tolle is brilliant and with the most foundational questions can initiate a shift in the way you view the world and view yourself. If you implement the message of this book, you can truly welcome the present moment and bring about a sense of peace and ease you never knew lived inside of you.

Wild: From Lost to Found on the Pacific Crest Trail by Cheryl Strayed– this book has gained much popularity and has even been made into a feature film. Its popularity is well-earned. It’s the story of a woman in her late twenties who has lost her mother, her marriage has come to an end, and she’s hit a point in her life where she doesn’t know how to continue on. She makes the decision to brave the Pacific Crest Trail, a hiking trail that runs from the Mexican border to the Canadian border. The book details her journey on the trail in addition to her emotional and spiritual journey. She’s finding her way and herself. It’s straight the point, cut throat, honest and beautiful.

Loving What Is: Four Questions that will Change Your Life by Byron Katie– Author Byron Katie takes a closer look at our relationship with reality and the constant need we feel to change it. Through a method she has coined “the work”, she takes us through some questions to help us better understand any given “bad” situation, ourselves and our relationship with ‘what is’. Most of the time our stress, sadness and frustration are because we are mentally fighting ‘what is’; emotionally struggling with reality. “The work” helps us to investigate each struggle on a case by case basis and get to the core of it all. This book will help you to understand yourself better and help you to prevent some of the discomfort you feel when experiencing something less than desirable. “In ‘Loving What Is’, you have the key, now use it” -Eckhart Tolle (author of The Power of Now)

Soulful simplicity by Courtney Carver– This is just the book you need to wrap up your summer. One day, author and blogger Courtney Carver decided to change her life, she made a coherent plan to get rid of her debt, get rid of the clutter, simplify her life and she detailed her journey for us. It started as a blog and later turned into a book. Not only does she explore the practical day to day simplifications, but she also talks about inner simplification and explains how she stays connected to her heart and to herself. She learned to say no to things that didn’t bring her joy, she cut her wardrobe down to a select number of pieces (this became a movement all in itself, she made a choice to spend less- ultimately she got rid of the clutter so that she could enjoy what was most important in her life. This book will inspire you to uncomplicate your life and give you the tools to do so- you won’t be disappointed.

This summer reading list will invigorate you and leave you feeling inspired. Your summer days will slowly transform into something different than you expected and you may find yourself lighter and happier. Each book echoes the theme of positivity and happiness, it is a book list that will remind you that (mostly) everything in our worlds is alright and with the right ideas and tools, we can live happy, unencumbered lives.


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